eLAIX 4.0 preview

by Harry Boldt

Let me start with a short review: Since version 3.3 eLAIX provides a new concept on handling styles. Beside paragraph styles also frame styles and character styles are converted to ILIAS. In addition to that, you can define and export accordions, links to bookmarks and it is possible to publish downloads to any kind of files you want to offer. Unfortunately I had no chance to participate the ILIAS conference last year in Bern, so I will shortly introduce these features in Stuttgart.

files/elaix/icon/epub_logo_color.pngOf course the upcoming conference should not only be an opportunity to rehash old topics. Ordered by the Wilhelms-University of M√ľnster (Germany) the next eLAIX 4.0 is in work. With this version it will be possible to export a Writer document as an eBook without further modifications. Its format will be ePUB 3, what has been launched in Oktober 2011 as the official worldwide ebook standard, see the website of the International Digital Publishing Forum http://idpf.org. Even if nearly a year has past, currently available eBook readers are not really able to handle ePUB 3 documents in a suffisticated manner, and in their specifications just the "ePUB" format is mentioned, although there are considerable differences between version 2 and 3. Readium, a reader, that was developed for chrome, is going to provide full support of the ePUB 3 standard, as many Examples tellingly demonstrate.

It was a good decision, I think, to go on ePUB 3, even if most of the currently available hard- and software products are not ready for ePUB 3 yet. However the potential for the further development of the ePUB 3 export from Writer is quite promising. As a first step, the main features like cover image, table of content, text, images, lists, tables, footnotes, hyperlinks and styles will be supported until the conference. More features like media overlays, embedded fonts, multimedia integration, SVG, MathML and other stuff will follow.


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Comment by Marc Grober |

How are things progressing? Had hoped to see final release of 4.0.