eLAIX with Linux

by Harry Boldt

Trying to install eLAIX in an Ubuntu environment might fail. The installation will be aborted. More by accident I found out, that the Gnome Tweak Tool, that is no longer included in Ubuntu 12.04 can be a solution. After I installed it with

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool 

I could install eLAIX without problems. If this doesn't help, you can download the original packages from the LibreOffice homepage, that should work in any case. With Ubuntu in a Virtualbox I had no problems to install eLAIX.

A problem, that almost occures in Linux distributions: After the installation of the extension and restart of LibreOffice, the new appearing eLAIX toolbar is showing texts instead of icons.


To change this, call Extras -> Options -> LibreOffice -> View and set the Icon size to small as well as Icons in menus to Show.


After Click on OK the eLAIX-Toolbar and menu should look like this:


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