OOo, LO, NO - What now?

by Harry Boldt

It always has been an advantage for eLAIX users, that eLAIX runs platform independent on Mac, Linux and Windows. eLAIX? Not really. The real reward for serving mutliple platforms is not eLAIX, it is OpenOffice of course. That was one of the reasons for the decision, to develop eLAIX for OpenOffice. Beyond that eLAIX as an Open Source software goes better with a word processor that itself is provided under the same licence. But what about LibreOffice and NeoOffice?

For Mac users the solution was "NeoOffice" for a longer time, but OpenOffice is available as a native Mac version by now. Actually this should be a killer argument for NeoOffice, but the developers Patrick and Ed are still going on with their project, see This is respectable and therefore I will keep listening to the NeoOffice users needs, however with a minor priority, since I have to concentrate my activities.

For Windows users since the LibreOffice fork had been opened, the question is, wether to use OpenOffice or better LibreOffice. I certainly won't fire up the debate about that, so just let me inform you about my decision to mainly continue with LibreOffice. In clear words, this means that I develop with LibreOffice and then I check, if eLAIX does its job in OpenOffice. In case of troubles, I try to find a solution, that works in both versions.

For Linux users the message is: Enjoy! Most distributions are shipped with LibreOffice.

For all users I can summarize, that if you have the free choise of installation, you should install LibreOffice. Users of OpenOffice and NeoOffice can inform me about their experiences in case there are problems. Please use the bug tracker on Github for those purposes.

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